First-in-Human Trial

平成30年6月から10月にかけてZerobot®︎を使った初めての特定臨床研究「ロボット(Zerobot®)を用いたCT透視ガイド下生検:単施設単群非盲検前向き実行性確認試験」(UMIN000030018, jRCTs062180001)を実施しました。

10例全例において手技は成功しました。被験者の皆様ご参加ありがとうございました。なお、試験結果はEuropean Radiology誌に掲載されています1)

We performed the first clinical trial entitled Computed tomography fluoroscopy-guided needle biopsy using a robot (Zerobot®): single institution, single arm, open-label, prospective, feasibility trial between April and October in 2018.

The procedure was successful in all 10 subjects. Thank all the participants for participation. The results of the trial have been published in European Radiology 1).

  1. Hiraki T, Kamegawa T, Matsuno T, Sakurai J, Komaki T, Yamaguchi T, Tomita K, Uka M, Matsui Y, Iguchi T, Gobara H, Kanazawa S.Robotic Needle Insertion during Computed Tomography Fluoroscopy-guided Biopsy: Prospective First-in-Human Feasibility Trial. Eur Radiol 2020 30(2):927-933.



CT透視ガイド下針穿刺ロボット(Zerobot)による臨床試験FIH(First in Human)の様子.
Clinical study (First-in-Human Trial) with Zerobot

同じ臨床試験FIH(First in Human)のCT正面のカメラからの様子
Clinical study (First-in-Human Trial) with Zerobot from front view